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    Born and raised in Austin, MN (aka Spamtown, the birthplace of Hormel) I began as an artist asking my parents for the white-out when I went outside the lines in my coloring books. Though some of that perfectionism still exists in me today, at least now I am creating my own lines to follow.

    Another "milestone" in my early art career was when I dropped Calculus my senior year of high school for another art class. More time in the art rooms helped me win the coveted "Artist of the Year" award for the class of 2000. I later went on to Minnesota State U, Mankato and graduated with a BFA focusing on sculpture and ceramics.

    I then journeyed out west to Santa Cruz, CA with the Byron Space Circus, a band that I played guitar for (which is another story). When that fizzled out I came full circle and got back into painting. Not really knowing where to start, I came across the book Grey's Anatomy. The images inside were just what I was looking for. I was particularly drawn to the less recognizable images such as those at the cellular level or cross-sections of bone. I was later introduced to Ernst Haeckel and his 19th century illustrations of radiolarians and other strange and beautiful life-forms. This took my inspiration beyond anatomy and opened the door to other biological forms. In my quest for inspiration I am constantly being amazed by the hidden beauty and complexity of the world and this is largely what I hope to convey to my audience.